Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mmmm, dual monitor goodnessImage by OwenBlacker via Flickr

So I have joined the world of people with 2 monitors. I don't think I can ever go back to just 1! I am one of those multitaskers who has so many windows open in the task bar that I drive some people crazy. Of course, I never asked them to look over my shoulder, so oh well. :)

Today, I bought myself an external monitor to attach to my laptop when working at my desk at home. I am in LOVE! I have so much more space to keep track of the things I am working on. If only I'd waited to grade some of the assignments for my hybrid class till now, except that would mean I would have to grade now. Well, it would have made the grading go so much quicker and easier. Instead of switching back and forth from one window to another, I could just look to the side at my new monitor and then back to the laptop screen. This is gonna be cool!

I am also looking into a small USB touchscreen monitor to use in the classroom. My plan is to mirror what I see on the laptop screen to the projector, but extend the desktop to the small screen. There have been quite a few times just over the last two weeks that I wished I had another computer right at my fingertips to allow me to do something that the students couldn't see on the screen. I'm hoping that this setup would allow me to do just that, and not have to change what the students are seeing on the screen. I think I want the touchscreen model so I would not have to have a mouse to navigate on the other screen, but I'm still debating with that idea in my head.

Stay tuned for an update on whether or not that works the way I am hoping.

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Anonymous said...

I want to do this. But I need to also buy a new video graphics card. Still worth it?

What size monitor did you purchase?

MathFaery said...

Susan, I would do it. With my laptop it isn't necessary since there is a built in way to add another monitor. I bought an 18.5 inch monitor.